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The Villa Arson in Nice

Located on the hill of Saint-Barthélemy, the Villa Arson occupies a vast estate surrounding an 18th-century Italian-style villa. Facing the sea, it overlooks Nice and the Baie des Anges, an enchanting landscape admired by the first tourists. Today it is an unusual architectural complex to be discovered off the beaten track. A jewel of modern architecture built by Michel Marot, it is also a temple in witch contemporary art is practised, taught, and exhibited. A curious mix of mineral and vegetable, it spreads out over 17,000 square metres. The concrete walls of its main building are covered in Var pebbles. Punctuated with patios, the complex is divided in two by a central “street”, which continues underneath the immense bench terraces, hanging gardens of sorts, surrounded by remarkable trees.

ISBN : 978-2-757701-26-3

64 pages, Anglais, illustrations couleur, 22,5 x 11 x 0,5 cm, 2011

Editeur(s) : Éditions du patrimoine


Léo Noyer-Duplaix (Auteur-trice)

Design :

Marc Brugier

Crédits photo :

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