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Judy Chicago: To Sustain the Vision (english version)

Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago says she wants to live as long as possible, not to transcend her mortal condition, but to be around as her works successively find recognition. A woman holding out against all odds: such is the image of an artist more a visionary than the pioneer she has so often been described as. Unlike the pioneers, Chicago has never joined the “greats” of the white, modernist, Eurocentric canon. Rather she has avoided this historical snare, urging instead the alternatives of To Sustain the Vision. Something so necessary in these dystopian days.

Géraldine Gourbe is a philosopher, author, art critic, and exhibition curator.

ISBN : 978-2-36582-038-7

176 pages, 4 colors offset, 20 x 26 cm, english, 2020

Editeur(s) : Villa Arson Nice et Shelter Press

Partenaire(s) :

FABA Fundacion Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte

Design :

Bartolomé Sanson

Crédits photo :

François Fernandez, Donald Woodman,